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Forrest Green Cotton  with Tassles Hijab Scarf

Forrest Green Liya Cotton Voile with Tassles Hijab Scarf

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Sadoq Scarves

SADOQ is a sophisticated & high-end fashion brand for the self-confident Muslima of today. SADOQ's Luxury scarves design and produce the perfect scarf with a soft touch and feel. 

SADOQ Collection uses the finest materials, wonderful rich & light fabrics like the organic material bamboo, light cotton, and modal- silk blends. Buy your scarf today! 


Product Description

Liya African icon

 Cotton Voile
 Forrest green
180cm x 70cm
Application Tassles
 Wash with similar colors
 One Size Fits All

LIYA in pure cotton voile has a sheer appearance and flows gorgeously, the little tassels give a playful hint. We would love to see this scarf on Liya Kebede, so this one is an ode to her. Liya is Ethiopian model with unique beauty features. Beautiful blended brown skin, incredible bone structure with a warm and calm aura. 




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