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About us

The Jab Store offers high quality Hijab Scarves for Women who want to be confident and comfortable. We offer the best designer Hijabs from all over the world.
Our purpose is to combine modesty, fashion, and to maintain elegance at the same time. We provide Hijabs for all types of occasions and events. The Hijabs we sell are beautifully designed and we always address our client’s needs.
We constantly strive to improve on our positive criticism and hope to reach the top with God’s will. When you shop at the Jab Store—you will definitely know and appreciate the value you are obtaining. The Hijabs we sell are made with the finest materials which make you feel elegant and chic.
We aim to do the best we can for our customers. Our objective is to create a cheerful sense of community with our customers while maintaining a modest vibe.
We currently do not provide Hijab Pins, Dresses, Abayas, Niqabs, Jilbabs, or Thobes. 
PO BOX 192845 San Francisco CA 94119
(800) 288-3576
-Established in 2016.


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