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Bordeaux Red Scarf Marilyn Natural Fiber Bamboo

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Product Description
Good to know facts & details about this scarf:
Fabric Natural Fiber Bamboo
Color Bordeaux Red
Size 180cm x 70cm
Application Rain of hand made flat pearl beads in different color shades
Care♥ Dry clean or hand wash
One Size Fits All
Scarf MARILYN is created in a very special warm red tone, made of natural fiber bamboo which is amazingly light and soft.
The scarf is finished with a rain of pearl flat beads in different coral shades which gives an exclusive yet playful touch.
MARILYN is exclusive, classy an sophisticated. This scarf will make you feel you’re at your best.
Marily Monroe was famous for her short blond hair, red lips, beauty spot, and sleepy eyes which were finished with perfect shaped wings. Wear the Marilyn scarf for a dinner at night, wedding or other special moment.
MARILYN- attractive and seductive


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